Mobonaut features

Your users’ opinions really matter! Check out Mobonaut’s new ‘app Review Breakdown’ section

App reviews and ratings are undeniably among the top App Store ranking factors, as well as being the best and most direct way to measure your app’s performance and popularity and expose its biggest flaws. Basically, app reviews and ratings allow you to: Rank better in app markets Optimize your app to meet users’ expectations Monitor [...]

Google Play store app ranking essentials

Ranking top in app store search results is every app developer and publisher’s dream. It can quickly turn into a brand’s source of fame, install rates, and revenue. But getting there is not easy, especially when you’re competing with millions of apps that are already there and thousands that are joining the fray every day. In [...]


How to promote your app for free

No one denies the importance of a well-thought, minutely-planned marketing campaign to promote your app and improve your brand’s online presence. But not everyone is eager to pull out their wallet and pay for promotion without knowing in advance whether the results will pay off. If you’re one of those people, and you’re on your first [...]